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About us

◆ On January 7, 2004, the first meeting of the first board of directors was held in Baoji.

◆ January 18, 2004, Baoji City Administration for Industry and Commerce High-tech Zone Branch to Baoji Aerospace Power Pump Co., Ltd. issued a "corporate business license."

◆ February 1, 2004, the company officially operational.

◆ February 14, 2004, in the Baoji Swan Lake Hotel held the company set up the General Assembly. Company employees 205 people.

◆ On February 18, 2004, the grand opening ceremony was held at the Baoji Wanli Hotel.

◆ February 18, 2004, the former deputy general manager of the original aerospace science and technology group Jin Zhuanglong and the original Baoji City Party Committee Secretary Yao Yinliang, the company set up the opening ceremony for the company unveiled.

◆ July 9, 2004, the company developed and produced XJ-type washing pump, ZB600-type mud pump, YL-type fracturing pump through the identification of new products, scientific and technological achievements.

◆ September 4, 2004, by the Provincial Science and Technology Agency identified as Shaanxi Province, "high-tech enterprises", after two consecutive first through the high-tech enterprise review.

◆ December 8, 2004, the company made China Quality Certification Center issued by the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

◆ January 4, 2005, 3ZB-50/7 type piston pump export Syrian project officially signed.

◆ June 29, 2006, approved by the Xi'an Customs, our company has the right to operate import and export.

◆ On February 12, 2007, the first meeting of the second board of directors was held in Baoji.

◆ 2008, the occurrence of "5.12 Wenchuan earthquake", the company in the leadership of the higher level of care, work together to overcome the difficulties to protect business.

◆ On October 9, 2008, the third board of directors was held in Xi'an for the first time.

◆ 2008, by the space six homes and Shaanxi Aerospace power as "advanced collective".

◆ July 14, 2009, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office for my company issued No. 178665 "BJB" trademark registration card.

◆ August 2009, by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group as "the basis of accounting standards outstanding units."

◆ In 2009, the company obtained PetroChina "Class A supplier unit" qualification. ◆ April 27, 2010, boring engineer Zhang Baosheng was awarded the "national model workers" title.

◆ June 2, 2010, Shaanxi Aerospace Power High-tech Co., Ltd. with the right to apply for placement. The rights issue to the Baoji Aerospace Power Pump Co., Ltd. expansion of industrial pump production line project funds 80 million yuan.

◆ August 16, 2010, "Diaphragm Pump Development Project Group" was established.

◆ September 27, 2010, Vice Mayor of Baoji Municipal People's Government Yuan Junxiao presided over the convening of the Municipal Bureau of Industry, Finance Bureau, SASAC, Planning Bureau, Land Bureau, Housing and Urban Construction Bureau, Chencang District Government, Jintai District Government Responsible person and my company chairman Ren Cienan, vice chairman Li Faoyan, general manager Guo Gaojian to participate in the company relocation of the expansion of technological transformation project will be special.

◆ November 18, 2010, Henan Polytechnic University, Chongqing mining system management and technical personnel to my company on the coal fracturing pump and control system for technical exchanges.

◆ April 16, 2011, General Manager Guo Gaojian Assistant General Manager Assistant Technology Promotion Center Director Luo Wanjun, deputy chief engineer to promote the technical center deputy director Wang Yu group went to Daqing Oilfield and Daqing Oilfield related leaders, technical staff to meet and exchange.

◆ July 5, 2011, Shaanxi Aerospace Power High Technology Co., Ltd. The fourth board of directors decided to my company to 30 million yuan to implement the implementation of our company's industrial pump production line technological transformation projects.

◆ In 2011, the company's sales revenue exceeded 100 million yuan mark.

◆ 2011, Shaanxi Aerospace Power as "advanced collective".

◆ On March 4, 2012, the first meeting of the fourth board of directors was held in Baoji.

◆ March 24, 2012, "automatic remote control coal mine fracturing pump", "NB three-cylinder tailings filling mud pump (3NB200)", "3ZB90-type water injection pump" three new products through new products Identification of scientific and technological achievements.

◆ November 8, 2012, the new product BYW1458 / 40, BYW1100 / 50 coal mine fracturing pump group made the National Mine Product Safety Center issued the "mine product safety signs certificate."

◆ the end of 2012, the company was in Shaanxi Province, the Office of Science and Technology, Science and Technology Department, the Office of Finance, the IRS, the Inland Revenue Department, Xi'an Customs identified as "provincial enterprise technology center."

◆ 2012, the company was the provincial tax bureau as "A-class taxpayer" units.

◆ In 2013, it was recognized as "Model Enterprise of Shaanxi Province Technology Innovation" by the Office of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

◆ 2013, through the ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification

◆ 2013, the sales income of 145 million yuan.

◆ In 2013, the emulsion pump development project was identified.

◆ 2013, the new product 5ZB600 large displacement injection pump in Daqing Oilfield successfully installed operation.

◆ 2014 to complete the re-identification of high-tech enterprise technology enterprises.

◆ 2015, by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group as "advanced collective", "accounting basis for outstanding units."

◆ 2015, the company was the provincial SME Bureau of Shaanxi Province in 2015 as "special new special" small and medium enterprises.

◆ 2015, "large flow reciprocating water injection pump" was listed as the provincial Shaanxi Province in 2015, the provincial military special support fund project.

◆ 2016 years, the company's new products, "oilfield efficient fracturing flooding foam pump group" by the Provincial Science and Technology Department as the Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Program (research program) project.

◆ 2016, "enterprise management information construction project" as Baoji two fusion project.

◆ 2016, 5ZB series of water injection pump for the "brand-name products in Shaanxi Province", "BJB" trademark application for the famous brand, the city well-known trademarks.